Jul 6 2017

For many homeowners and homebuyers, fires are a distant concern. But recent data gathered by the National Fire Protection Association paints a different picture.  In 2015 alone, fire departments across the United States responded to a staggering 365,000 home structure fires, which caused $7 billion worth of property damages. The bottom line: fires are a […]

Jul 5 2017

Discover the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), a remarkable tool that can provide seniors increased financial stability. This infographic breaks down: How seniors 62-and-up can strategically use the $6.2 trillion of equity stored in their homes Reasons why you or a family member might consider using a HECM The HECM’s wide range of payout methods […]

Jul 3 2017

Open Mortgage’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas — a city that’s been rated America’s top city for BBQ. Several of our team members are BBQ pitmasters outside work, and we recently held our first “BBQ Smoke Off” in Austin to taste the creations of these food wizards. Rudy Flores, Jesse Clayborn, and Erik Liberatore, […]