Nov 30 2021
Title over background of storm over a farm
Most of us know what we want in a home, but what about what happens outside of a home? In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses natural disasters, climate, and what buyers should ask before committing to a property. Some of the topics he covers: Does the area’s climate impact your insurance […]
Nov 25 2021
Woman setting dining table
Holiday parties and family get-togethers are likely to make a comeback this season. After lots of canceled plans in the last year, many homeowners will be looking to make up for the lost time by hosting their family and friends. Start making your plans now to create a comfortable and safe space for your guests […]
Nov 23 2021
prowler in house
Have any upcoming travel plans? In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses tips and tricks to keeping your home safe while you’re away. Some of the topics he covers: Technology and home security systems to monitor your home while you’re away. Avoiding unexpected appliance malfunctions and home damage. Finding neighbors or relatives […]
Nov 18 2021
House for sale
Real estate values have been climbing in many markets, making bargains all but impossible to find. However, this time of year might be your best chance for buyers to find more value for their money or at least enjoy less stress during their search. Similarly, sellers who decide to list during the winter months will […]
Nov 16 2021
Signing paperwork
Closing is more than just picking up the keys to your home or collecting your payment from the buyer. In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses what to look for and how to be ready for closing day so there won’t be any surprises. Some of the topics he covers: Review your […]
Nov 11 2021
US flag in front of house
In honor of Veterans Day and all of the past and present military members who deserve our gratitude year-round, Open Mortgage thanks you for your service and sacrifice. The home loan choices available to veterans and active service members can be overwhelming. We are proud to help you navigate your mortgage options to find the […]
Nov 9 2021
3 Guys with Hammers
Finding the right contractor can be a challenge if you have repairs or home improvement projects on your to-do list, especially now when demand is sky-high. Protect yourself from providers who might be taking advantage of the situation with these tips for finding ones you can trust. Get Multiple Estimates While comparing prices may seem […]
Nov 8 2021
News Alert
Open Mortgage, a multi-channel mortgage lender dedicated to empowering the dream of homeownership, has appointed Adam O’Daniel as Senior Vice President of Marketing. O’Daniel will manage a team of high-performing Marketing and Learning and Development members, driving all of Open Mortgage’s enterprise marketing functions. In addition to leading customer relationship management (CRM) and market research […]
Nov 4 2021
Couple talking to someone with a folder
Fewer listings, lower prices, and decreased competition: In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses some of the pros of buying and selling during the real estate off-season. Some of the topics he covers: Less inventory, but also less competition Why prices tend to be lower than they are during peak selling season […]
Nov 2 2021
Girl with hammer
The financial responsibilities of homeownership go beyond saving for a down payment and qualifying for a mortgage. They also require being prepared for the ongoing, and sometimes unexpected, costs that can result from owning a home. While most buyers realize the importance of budgeting for the purchase of a home, they can overlook the ongoing […]