Rules have changed, don’t buy a book on reverse mortgage published before October 2015! Financial Assessment is covered here. This book covers the basics to advanced topics on reverse mortgage and retirement finance. Starting with the history of reverse mortgage up to current practices. Learn what it takes to qualify, how this loan works, if the loan is for you, and how to step through the whole process. We cover the life of the loan and how it is ultimately discharged. We also look at advanced strategies now being used by financial advisors to extend and improve your retirement finances! HUD guidelines changed at the end of 2013, 2014, and again in 2015, so be sure your information is up to date!

“Reverse mortgages were once considered a last resort, helping seniors who were completely out of cash, but had home equity. These days, there are a number of advanced strategies where reverse mortgages are also being used by seniors with income and other assets, to extend the life of their retirement funds, or optimize other returns.”