Buy a Home with Little to No Down Payment

At Open Mortgage, we offer a number of low and no money down financing solutions including FHA loans, VA mortgages, USDA rural housing loans, HomeReady, Home Possible Advantage, and several home renovation products.

Program Highlights

VA Loans: Available for qualifying active duty servicemen and women in the US military, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses. Down payments as low as 0%.

USDA Rural Housing Loans: Designed to encourage homeownership for middle and lower income borrowers in USDA eligible areas. Income restrictions may apply. Down payments as low as 0%.

FHA Loans: Low money down solutions for first time home buyers and repeat buyers. Down payments as low as 3.5%.

HomeReady: Low money down program from Fannie Mae. Down payments as low as 3% and much of the down payment and closing costs may come from gift funds, grants, or community seconds (where available).

Home Possible Advantage: Freddie Mac program which requires 3% down payment. Similar to HomeReady in that gift funds and may be used to help cover some of the down payment and closing costs.

FHA 203K Loans: This home renovation loan program requires low money down and borrowers may be able to finance the costs of eligible improvements and repairs.

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