This year Open Mortgage celebrates 15 years in business, and a big part of that milestone is the people behind it. We are honored to introduce you to various members of our work family in this special series. Today’s post recognizes Regina Park, an Operations Manager in our Austin office who’s worked with Open Mortgage for over six years.
What are you most proud of about your work at Open Mortgage?
The opportunity to coach, mentor and promote employees. I love to watch them grow in their careers.
What surprised you the most about working at Open Mortgage?
The uncorporate corporate feel. Senior management is very approachable and listens to ideas and suggestions. You feel heard.
Describe a positive moment with a co-worker you’ll never forget.
I hired Jennifer Heppe to help answer questions at TheDesk. She worked for a very corporate company prior to coming to work at Open Mortgage. She had what I like to call “abused employee syndrome.” I made this term up, because I could relate, as all the other mortgage companies I had worked for made you feel like you had to think a certain way and there was no thinking outside the box. She was scared to make a decision, like she was going to get into trouble. Coaching her past that fear and watching her grow into our top Wholesale A/E has been amazing. She has blossomed into a confident and secure employee and has had a huge impact on the success of the Wholesale Department.
Give an example of a time or project you felt you grew in your career.
I was asked to move to start TheDesk. As an underwriter, I had the knowledge, but websites and IT knowledge is an area at which I did not excel, so this was outside of my comfort zone. In October of 2015, we started a new LOS system and TRID. I truly didn’t think I would learn all of the new information, but in the end I learned so much during this process.
Did working at Open Mortgage help you become a homeowner?
I had lived the mortgage crisis of 2007. After working for a company that went under in 2007, I tried changing industries and it was very hard to find a job. I eventually found work, but two other companies I went to work for closed without warning. I was not able to hold onto my home and had a foreclosure. When I moved to back to Austin in 2011, I got to start over. Because I worked at Open Mortgage, I was able to pay off debt and save for a home. In 2016, I was finally able to purchase a home again. Open Mortgage gave me back stable and enjoyable employment.
Describe a time you knew your work impacted a real family member or customer.
That happens a lot. As an underwriter, you work with a loan officer to help a family get into a home. Sometimes not every customer fits into the box. We often have to think outside the box and figure out a way to get families into the homes they deserve. Now being in wholesale, I can still help Loan Originators find a way to get someone into a home.
What do you like most about working at a company like Open Mortgage?
The people I work with are amazing.
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