Building and Improving Your Credit

Watch the video above to learn about credit and begin your credit improvement journey.

Scroll down to view common credit situations that could block your path to home ownership.

Which character best describes your situation?



Joe has been careful to save his money and not assume debt. He has:

  • A Stable Job
  • Savings For A Down Payment
  • No Credit Cards
  • No Student Loans
  • Zero Debt
  • No Credit Score

Joe didn’t realize having no credit would affect his ability to purchase a home, follow Joe on his journey to build his credit score so he can buy his first home HERE.

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Dana graduated from 4-year university to start her career in a field she loves. Dana has:

  • A Steady Job With A Low Salary
  • No Savings
  • Deferred Student Loans
  • Credit Card Debt

Due to these circumstances, Dana was told by her loan officer that she would not qualify for a loan to purchase a house because of her debt to income ratio.

Follow Dana as she learns new ways to consolidate her debt and pay it off.

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Carlos is tired of living in an apartment and now wants to purchase his own home. Carlos has a high-income career that did not require him to have student loans. Carlos never learned how to save and used his credit cards unwisely. Carlos has:

  • A Steady Job With High Income
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Debt
  • Collections

Carlos finally decides it is time to tackle his debt and so he no longer has to worry about his credit score or high-interest rates. Follow Carlos as he manages his debt to buy a home HERE.

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Times were tough for Kate and her family. A series of unfortunate circumstances led Kate to file for bankruptcy. Knowing that this will affect her dream of owning a home, Kate is determined not to let this situation keep her from it. Kate has:

  • Moved In With Her Parents
  • A Failing Business
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Filed Bankruptcy

Kate has decided she will fix her credit to get her goal of purchasing her own home back on track. Follow Kate as she gets back from bankruptcy HERE.

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