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Welcome to Open Mortgage. I am fortunate to have been with this wonderful OPEN team of professionals for over 2 years now. Helping guide our borrowers through the process of purchasing a place they can call home is a shared passion of all of ours. We all want your pursuit of home ownership to be a smooth and successful process.

At Open Mortgage we can do conventional loans, including Jumbo products and we are experts in government loan programs… FHA, USDA Rural Development 100% loan program, and VA.

We also provide expertise in the following:

·  FHA Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) half priced home loan program for Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

·  FHA/HUD REO Home loans including $100 down incentive program and REO’s with repair escrows.

·  Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC) for up to $2000 per year tax credit and enhanced qualifying for 1st time home buyers.

·  Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Grant programs including TSHAC, SETH and TDHCA.

·  Manufactured Home Loans -FHA, VA Zero Down, USDA Zero Down, and Conventional


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