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My name is Larry Le and I love the mortgage business but was fed up with the lack of education and information clients were provided during their application process. So, I created a first-time home buyer coaching class for mortgage clients that provides instant access to answers to questions and simple explanations to the mortgage process and how to qualify. I also provide 1 on 1 coaching for those who want it.

Unlike other loan officers, I made it my passion to COACH first time home buyers on the mortgage process and that makes all the difference of how I have helped hundreds of people get on the right path to home ownership with many of them becoming homeowners. 

YOU remind me of many of my smart, successful, and savvy clients who are now homeowners because you are taking the RIGHT step on the home purchasing process by EDUCATING YOURSELF AND BEING PREPARED (like they did.)

The home buying process is very confusing to most people - but that is WHY I AM HERE: to simplify this process and make sure you are 100% prepared in the home buying process and to become ahead of the competition IN THIS INSANE MARKET (like the FULLY UNDERWRITTEN TBD pre-approval process we offer and offering $500 off towards closing costs for buyers - reach out to me to ask how).


MY WHY which is my wife and kids – but 2 of my kids are non-verbal and on the spectrum for Autism so I want to have enough resources to pay for their ABA therapy.

MY OTHER WHY is serving veterans – I told a story of why I owe them my life but a quick version is they rescued my parents from the Vietnam War, they met later on in Hong Kong, China, fell in love and had me. So if it wasn’t for those US Soldiers rescuing my parents, they would never have met and I would never have been born, and therefore my 3 boys would never have been born. Those US Soldiers are most likely Veterans today. I owe them my life.


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