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In 1998 I help a senior who was considering selling home to stay.   She had lived in her home of 45 years.  Her family was delighted with the life changing reverse mortgage.  This was truly life changing for her and as a loan originator I became focused on the reverse mortgage program and the many ways it helps the seniors in our communities.  I have been using the reverse mortgages ever since to extend the retirement funding of my senior clients.  Financial Planners for years used a 20 to 25-year retirement horizons when planning for our retirements. Although the last 5 years, seniors have been encouraged by financial planners to use a 30 to 35-year retirement horizon.  We are living many year longer then we had planned for sure.   If your retirement plan was set in place with a shorter horizon a reverse mortgage could get your retirement back on the right track for a fulfilling retirement.  All of us seniors need plan and to adjust our plans as we move through these silver years.   My experience with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) process will make this unique loan transaction as smooth and effortless as possible.  I still hear all the confusion surrounding a reverse mortgage and my goal is to make your retirement financing with a reverse mortgage less daunting and more understandable.  This program has to make sense to you and your family!  This opportunity to extend your retirement need serious consideration and planning.  Our new Smart Reverse application has shortened the learning curve for everyone.   Smart Reverse Mortgage will give you and your family the confidence that the program will be used correctly with the maximum outcome.   Adjustments can be made to and for your goals with maximum outcomes and my goal for you is a fulfilling retirement during your senior years.  The many benefits of the reverse mortgage will be fully covered in detail with recorded video guidance and text.




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