Jan 16 2020

No one likes being surprised by unexpected expenses, especially if they’re potentially avoidable. Unfortunately, part of being a homeowner is accepting the responsibility of paying for repairs when that time comes—and it will. This makes a home warranty an important asset when buying a house.  Despite not knowing when or what your next home repair […]

Jan 14 2020

Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), also known as reverse mortgages, are an attractive tool for retirees looking to secure their financial future. Repayment of the loan is deferred so long as the homeowner, or non-borrowing spouse is alive, uses the home as their primary residence, pays relevant property taxes, insures the home and maintains it […]

Jan 9 2020

Real estate experts agree that reality TV shows about home buying and renovation often lead to unhealthy consumer expectations. While it’s fine to enjoy these shows for their entertainment value, being honest about your budgetary limitations and time restraints is important. Consider these truths before trying to recreate your favorite home buying or fixer-upper reality […]

Jan 7 2020

Are you getting the most out of your garage? Or has it become an overcrowded store-all of the items you want to get out of sight and out of mind? If your garage is home to everything but your vehicle, the New Year is the perfect time to reclaim the space and put the function […]

Jan 3 2020

Resolution season is here. After shaking off the indulgences of the last couple of months, many of us look to capitalize on fresh motivation to pursue a new set of goals. Or at least a second chance at completing unfinished plans from the previous year.   In any event, homeowners over the age of 62 may […]

Dec 27 2019

Although they are getting harder to find, foreclosed homes continue to appeal to bargain-minded homebuyers. Since these properties are rarely in pristine condition and are owned by banks motivated to sell them, they can offer an affordable entry into homeownership.   Of course, the condition of the home, competition from investors and a restrictive purchase process […]

Dec 23 2019

A great way to begin the home buying process is to find a location that meets your lifestyle needs. Doing this makes in-home budgetary sacrifices easier, as you’ll still feel nice and cozy living in that optimal neighborhood.  Recreational Activities  Everybody has a hobby they enjoy outside of their homes. Figure out how close that […]

Dec 19 2019

New homeowners work incredibly hard when hunting for the perfect home. Rarely do they overlook finding the best mortgage rates or lenders, and they never move forward without getting a green light from a trusted home inspector. One neglected home-buying practice, however, is taking a personal inventory of financial responsibilities. Failing to prepare financially after […]

Dec 17 2019

Don’t fall into the loneliness trap this holiday season. Being far away from loved ones can be painful, but there are plenty of ways to stay active and cheerful through the holiday season.  Video Calls  Quality face time with loved ones is possible even if you’re celebrating in different places. Stay connected through smartphones, tablets […]

Dec 12 2019

In recent years, housing affordability has become a common phrase in news coverage and policy discussions throughout the United States. While financial circumstances are always unique to each individual, understanding the factors that impact the ability of an average family to afford a home where they reside is critical.  The most recently released data shows […]

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