Feb 28, 2024
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Ready to make your homeownership dreams a reality? Good credit is your key. Discover the essential steps to building strong credit on our blog now. Don’t miss out on your chance to unlock the door to your first home.
Feb 22, 2024
woman with credit card
It’s time to unravel the mysteries of credit scores and mortgages and learn how aiming for a higher credit score could save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage. From understanding the minimum score needed for a mortgage to unlocking the best terms and rates, we’ll show you the steps to elevate your financial health […]
Feb 2, 2022
Credit score on phone
Believe it or not, the 2022 real estate buying season is just around the corner. After a record-setting 2021 for many parts of the country, most experts agree that house prices will continue to rise and competition for homes will be strong. If you’re one of the many who hope to buy a home this […]
Jan 18, 2022
Couple looking at a computer
If your credit history is holding you back from homeownership, it might be time to find a co-borrower. In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses what that means, who they are, and how to decide if it’s a good option for you. Some of the topics he covers: Improving your credit history […]
Jan 6, 2022
Person using calculator
As 2021 comes to a close, it might be the best time to consider your refinancing options rather than moving it to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Interest rates have ticked up in recent months, and the trend may continue, making a delay more costly as well. If refinancing is on your mind, consider […]
Aug 24, 2021
A dramatic drop in interest rates led to a boom in mortgage refinances during 2020 and early 2021. While rates remain at historic lows, their stabilization will likely reduce the number of homeowners who are prompted by the news of falling rates to explore refinancing. Instead, it will be the proactive property owners who primarily […]
Aug 12, 2021
Paperwork on desk
Efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic included several protections for homeowners who lost income or otherwise struggled to pay their mortgages. Forbearance programs, stimulus payments, and unemployment enhancements were all intended to help avoid the long-term effects of a foreclosure. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough for everyone. It’s likely an uptick in foreclosures is still […]
Jul 6, 2021
Title over image of a person with a blank stare
It’s tough enough to keep track of one credit score, but did you know that you actually have THREE? In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses how lenders view these different credit scores and ways to improve your chances of being approved for a mortgage. Some of the topics he covers: Different […]
Jun 1, 2021
A woman shopping
There are a number of bad financial habits that can derail your dreams of buying a home, but don’t worry! Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon is here to discuss financial habits you can keep an eye on, as you plan and hunt for your home. Some of the topics he covers: The effect […]
Apr 20, 2021
People looking at paperwork
When it comes to loan qualification and making a down payment, FHA loans offer home buyers many advantages over conventional mortgages. But that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for your specific situation. In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, helps familiarize you with the cost of taking out an FHA loan. Some […]