Jan 13, 2022
Foreclosure for sale sign
Limited housing inventory has buyers considering all of their options when looking for a home. Among them are homes that were recently foreclosed on or headed in that direction. While these properties can appeal to those hoping to find a bargain or searching for a fixer-upper, completing the purchase can be trickier than a traditional […]
Aug 12, 2021
Paperwork on desk
Efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic included several protections for homeowners who lost income or otherwise struggled to pay their mortgages. Forbearance programs, stimulus payments, and unemployment enhancements were all intended to help avoid the long-term effects of a foreclosure. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough for everyone. It’s likely an uptick in foreclosures is still […]
Jul 2, 2020
An economic downturn can result in a unique opportunity for homebuyers willing to take a calculated risk. The number of foreclosed homes available on the market can grow when financial struggles are common, but investors are often ready to capitalize.  However, shoppers looking for a place of their own can also take advantage if they […]
Dec 27, 2019
For sale sign
Although they are getting harder to find, foreclosed homes continue to appeal to bargain-minded homebuyers. Since these properties are rarely in pristine condition and are owned by banks motivated to sell them, they can offer an affordable entry into homeownership.   Of course, the condition of the home, competition from investors, and a restrictive purchase process […]
Mar 14, 2018

Getting back into the home buying market after a foreclosure is daunting, but not as uncommon as you might think. The housing crisis a decade ago left millions of homeowners in foreclosure, but many have already overcome the higher hurdles of buying their next home. If you have a foreclosure in your past, it’s important […]