Sep 17 2020
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Your savings account is only one of several factors that determine how much money a mortgage lender lets you borrow. In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses ways to increase your buying power. Some topics he covers: Understanding debt to income ratio How your credit score can impact your interest rate… Continue Reading Understanding Your Home Buying Power
May 21 2019

A credit score doesn’t tell a lender everything about a person’s finances, but it does help paint a picture to determine if you’re a safe credit risk. And, as we’ve written before, your credit rating impacts both your ability to get a mortgage and the mortgage rate offered. If you’re a first time home buyer,… Continue Reading Raise Your Credit, Lower Your Rates: Turn ‘Good’ Credit to ‘Great’

Mar 14 2018

Getting back into the home buying market after a foreclosure is daunting, but not as uncommon as you might think. The housing crisis a decade ago left millions of homeowners in foreclosure, but many have already overcome the higher hurdles of buying their next home. If you have a foreclosure in your past, it’s important… Continue Reading Rebounding From Foreclosure To Buy Again

Feb 6 2018

A credit score shouldn’t be taken lightly (it’s a necessary and important part of your financial life, after all!), but it doesn’t have to be scary, either. Credit scores will ebb and flow based on lots of factors, but here’s the most important thing: getting your score into optimal range IS achievable, especially with the… Continue Reading How do you Measure up in the Game of Credit Score? (Infographic)

Jan 25 2018

Buying a home is a huge decision. There are lots of questions to ask and pros and cons to weigh before you ever commit to making an offer. But, it’s the financial decisions you made before you started shopping—and the story they tell about you—that could prove to be just as critical. Obtain a copy… Continue Reading What’s In A Name? Your Financial Story

Oct 10 2017

Student loan debt have you worried about applying for a mortgage? It isn’t the loan itself that can affect your mortgage qualifications, but the amount you owe on that loan compared to your income, as well as the amount of the mortgage itself. Here are some basic factors that your lender will consider. The Job… Continue Reading Student Loans & Mortgages: Here’s What You Need To Know

Sep 18 2017

Your FICO credit score plays a key role in your ability to apply for a low interest mortgage. The higher your credit score, the more lenders are able to offer you a competitive rate on your loan. For those who are looking at buying a new home, it’s important to prioritize fixing your credit score… Continue Reading Fast Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for Your Mortgage

Jun 6 2017

Good credit is important if you’re planning on buying your first home. This is because your credit rating impacts your ability to get a mortgage as well as the mortgage rate you receive. Considering that a lower mortgage rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, building and improving your credit… Continue Reading How a Secured Credit Card Can Help Get Your First Mortgage

May 24 2017

If you’re planning on buying a home, you have an empowering journey ahead that can provide long-lasting benefits. Whether it’s six months or a year before you buy a home, it’s important to have your finances in order. We recommend improving your credit (most importantly, always pay your bill on time), following a budget, and… Continue Reading Why You Shouldn’t Shop for a Car Before Buying a Home

May 11 2017

The housing market has recovered considerably since the crash. Homes are now back in high demand, and – thanks to stricter lending practices – the likelihood of another crash in the future has been drastically reduced. For investors, this means that now is a great time to consider purchasing a rental property. Home costs are… Continue Reading Five Tips for Obtaining a Mortgage for a Rental Property