Apr 13 2021
Husband holding wife in empty room
Married or not, applying for a mortgage as a couple means twice the credit scores, twice the financial histories, and sometimes twice as many paychecks. When a joint application comes with a higher income, it can be an appropriate way to increase your buying power. But, it can also have a downside. If you’re shopping […]
Mar 23 2021
computer keyboard in background
If you’ve ever shopped for a home, then you know about the extra costs associated with making such a big purchase: Closing costs. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses ways to minimize these extra expenses. Some of the topics he covers: The typical amount you can expect to pay in closing […]
Mar 15 2021
house in background
Title companies are critical to ensuring that property ownership changes hands properly. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses what a title company should be doing as you grow closer to closing on a new home. Some of the topics he covers: Title companies offer title insurance to protect against ownership disputes […]
Mar 2 2021
Tuesday, March 2, is Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday, known better to millions of readers as Dr. Seuss. Since 1998, the National Education Association has used the day to celebrate its Read Across America initiative to encourage children and teens to read more.  Of course, Dr. Seuss’ books have been a favorite of children and those […]
Feb 16 2021
Title over colored background
Are you ready to take control of your credit and purchase your dream home? In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses habits and actions that lead to building good credit. Some topics he covers: Always making your payments on time Paying down debt whenever possible Starting an emergency savings fund After […]
Feb 11 2021
Thinking people in background
When the real estate industry is strong, home buyers find the number of available homes in their dream neighborhoods to be lower than ideal. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses navigating a home search in a competitive market. Some topics he covers: Prequalifying for a mortgage application before house hunting Making […]
Feb 4 2021
porch with 2 wooden chairs
The value of being outdoors has taken on new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, despite the increasing availability of a vaccine, it’s likely that the reinvigorated interest in outdoor activities is here to stay.  Even before coronavirus became a worldwide concern, homeowners sought ways to take advantage of their outdoor spaces. Whether it’s your […]
Feb 2 2021
african american woman holding up her baby
With a vaccine now being distributed, a return to our pre-COVID routines is on the horizon. However, unexpected challenges will always lie ahead, so it can be helpful to learn from the experiences of the past year.  When it comes to housing in particular, several takeaways can provide more security and satisfaction for homeowners and […]
Jan 26 2021
laid off worker walking down stairs
No one plans to lose their job, but it can happen to anyone. The uncertainty of COVID-19 has given many employees reason to question their job stability during the past year. Regardless of the reason, a layoff can be particularly harmful when it occurs during the hunt for a new home or when your mortgage […]
Jan 21 2021
Couple in a meeting
It’s time for a change, new scenery, and a fresh start. But how do you sell your current home and shop for a new one at the same time? In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses successfully managing “the buy/sell balancing act.” Some topics he covers: Closing on your new home […]