Jul 29 2021
New Construction of a house
Housing prices are rising in real estate markets around the country. Building a custom home or buying a newly constructed home from a developer can be even more expensive than purchasing an existing one. Of course, having the patience to wait for a home to be built from the ground up can eliminate some of […]
Jul 20 2021
Paperwork and a house key
Choosing the right lender has always been important. But now, with sky-high demand and limited inventory, interest rates aren’t the only thing you should be comparing. A fast-moving market means you need a loan originator who can keep up. Before you partner with a lender in your housing search, be sure that they can meet […]
Jul 8 2021
people and paperwork
Increasing demand and rising prices are making it difficult to find bargains in today’s real estate market. Instead, many buyers are competing with multiple offers and agreeing in advance to fund the gap that can occur with a low appraisal. Despite the challenges, there are still some strategies available to those who prioritize value above […]
Jul 6 2021
Title over image of a person with a blank stare
It’s tough enough to keep track of one credit score, but did you know that you actually have THREE? In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses how lenders view these different credit scores and ways to improve your chances of being approved for a mortgage. Some of the topics he covers: Different […]
Jun 24 2021
Realtor sign - sold
It seems more and more real estate markets are heating up. Interest rates remain low and the desire for more space and better function is still growing among buyers. Before you join the fray, spend a few minutes looking over these strategies to overcome the competition. 1. Pre-Qualify Step one to house shopping in any […]
Jun 15 2021
A couple thinking in front of another person
If you’re currently shopping for a home, you might be noticing lots of competition and less inventory. In this video, our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses the importance of not rushing to buy the first home you can get. Instead, be patient during your home search. Some of the topics he covers: Watching for […]
Jun 10 2021
Hands folded over paperwork
There are lots of homebuyers in the market this summer, and with fewer homes for sale, it means lots of competition. If you’re a homeowner planning to make a change soon, contingencies are one aspect of buying and selling that you will need to be familiar with. Whether you’re evaluating an offer to buy your […]
Jun 3 2021
Paper Airplanes flying up
In many real estate markets, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most competitive for buyers in recent memory. Low interest rates, rising construction costs, and a global pandemic have combined to send buyers with healthy budgets on the hunt for a home that meets their needs. But with limited inventory to select […]
May 25 2021
Teacher at chalkboard
As one of the most challenging academic years comes to a close, teachers across the country are looking forward to a well-deserved summer break. It’s a chance to relax and recover from the classroom, and for many, it will be an opportunity to shift their focus to personal priorities. While the summer months are typically […]
May 13 2021
Guy holding house keys
Buying a home is often considered the domain of couples transitioning into a new phase of their lives. They are in a committed relationship, their careers have stabilized, and starting a family may become a priority. It makes sense to find a home that could help them build wealth, offers space to grow, and is […]