Feb 27 2020
Clothes hanging in a closet
Do you have random household items tucked away in closets or collecting dust on your shelves? Toys, books, clothes, electronics—the stuff you never use that’s just taking up space could find a meaningful new home with someone else.  You can turn unwanted household items into life changing donations and/or cash to pay for essential home […]
Feb 25 2020
Family in front of house
First-time homebuyers get a lot of attention, and deservedly so. The path to homeownership is filled with excitement, stress, and lots of questions. Advice for navigating such a unique and unfamiliar process is in high demand.  But, does it get easier the second time? Transitioning from a first home to your next home can present […]
Feb 20 2020
Historic House

The older your house gets, the more likely it’ll need a refresh— but what if it’s located within a historic district or a homeowners association community? You might need permission to build that new porch or to even repaint your home’s exterior. Before you sign the dotted line, consider whether either living situation is right […]

Feb 18 2020
Person using binoculars
You’re not likely to buy the first home you look at, so why go with the first lender you meet or agree to the first loan offer you receive? Financing your home is a critical step in the buying process— the better your loan terms, the more you’ll save for future home improvements and recreation. […]
Feb 13 2020
seesaw with rates and a toy house
Is it time to refresh your mortgage? If your current mortgage payment has been a part of your life for more than a few years, don’t assume your mortgaging options are few and far between. Not so. A mortgage makeover could have you looking at your monthly payment in a whole new light. Refinance With […]
Feb 11 2020
Interior of a house
Unless you have an unlimited budget, purchasing your next home will require some compromise. It’s important to have healthy expectations, especially if you’re home searching with a partner. Look for properties that possess most of your preferred home features, but don’t expect to find them all—the perfect home could be one you weren’t expecting.  The […]
Feb 6 2020
Couple walking down the street
Unfortunately, discrimination continues to impact millions of Americans. Although progress has been made, and protections against discrimination have been written into law, individuals should still take steps to avoid becoming a victim.  Prospective homebuyers are no exception. Applying for a mortgage and shopping for lenders present enough challenges without having to worry about being mistreated. […]
Feb 4 2020
woman getting her bp taken
Healthcare becomes an increasingly important issue as you age. As retirement approaches, planning ahead to deal with declining health—and more specifically—the costs involved, can make or break the financial stability that most of us aim for at the end of our careers.  One tool that older homeowners have at their disposal to meet the financial […]