Mar 31 2020
Couple on couch
Imagine walking into your dream home unprepared to make an offer. Because you haven’t worked with a loan originator yet, you may not know if you can afford it. You realize someone else might be more prepared than you and could land your dream home before you even talk to a lender.  You could avoid […]
Mar 26 2020
Magnifying glass
Whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing or pursuing a reverse mortgage, you can expect to encounter the home appraisal process along the way. It’s a critical, but often unfamiliar, experience with significant consequences for your goal.  Eliminating the mystery of the factors that determine an appraisal, why it’s required, and how it can impact your transaction […]
Mar 24 2020
Room interior
In nearly every case, homebuying requires compromise. Even when you fall in love with a house during your hunt, there will likely be some changes or improvements you’ll want to make eventually.  And while your budget is probably the primary factor for deciding when the time is right, certain upgrades make sense to do sooner […]
Mar 19 2020
Couple sitting on floor
As homeowners get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult and expensive for them to maintain a larger home. That’s why many retirees and empty nesters are moving into smaller spaces. Downsizing, however, is not for everyone. Consider some of the pros and cons of reducing the size of your living spaces before you start shopping.  […]
Mar 17 2020
loan application
Applying for a mortgage is an in-depth process. Along the way, an underwriter will be reviewing your bank statements, tax returns and credit history to evaluate your eligibility for a long-term loan. But, even the most confident borrower can run into unexpected problems if they lack a thorough understanding of the situation.  If a mortgage […]
Mar 12 2020
Studies are showing that droves of Millennials are moving out of cities in favor of neighboring suburbs. This shift has a lot to do with the rising costs of city life. You too might enjoy the move if you’re looking to save money while purchasing a home or if you’re planning to start a family. […]
Mar 10 2020
Sold sign
The real estate market is experiencing historically low mortgage rates. That means you’ll be facing stiff competition for your dream home because other buyers are going to want it too. Have no fear: you can outfox your competition by adjusting your negotiation approach. Consider what your seller is looking for in an offer and you’ll […]
Mar 5 2020
Couple bird watching
Mark Twain wrote about traveling abroad in the 1860s. One hundred years later, John Steinbeck wrote about a road trip he took with his dog, Charley. Today, the internet is saturated with travel blogs. Americans are fascinated with travel, and it’s easy to understand why: travel is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. […]
Mar 3 2020
Couple sitting on floor
The cost, commitment, and confusion that can accompany the homebuying process are enough to give anyone pause about making the leap from renter to buyer. But for those who believe owning a home remains a matter of when, not if, now could be the time to reconsider your decision to put it off any longer.  […]