Oct 22 2020
House in background
When we buy a home, we usually expect it to be a long term commitment. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses what to do if life’s circumstances require you to sell earlier than planned, plus ways to make that process easier. Some of the topics he covers: Finding an experienced realtor… Continue Reading Selling Sooner Rather Than Later
Oct 20 2020

While leisure travel is on hold for most of us, that’s not likely to be the case forever. As restrictions ease and confidence in our ability to do so safely returns, there will likely be a growing demand to make up for lost time. In particular, retirees may see the end of this pandemic as… Continue Reading Retirement Travel can Start with a Reverse Mortgage

Oct 15 2020

Not long ago, we offered some ways to protect yourself against identity theft as well as advice on rehabilitating your credit report when you fall victim to the crime. Occasionally though, the circumstances of identity theft present a more immediate and significant challenge.  What if the consequences of having your identity stolen are discovered while… Continue Reading Overcoming Identity Theft on your Path to a Mortgage

Oct 13 2020

The recent emphasis on social distancing, remote interactions and getting outdoors has led more homeowners than usual to consider the appeal of less densely populated areas. Often, they provide an opportunity to make your budget go farther, and, in some cases, there may be specific loan programs adding to the incentives.  However, before you decide… Continue Reading Leaving City Life Behind

Oct 8 2020
A man in the background
Building a relationship with your neighbors offers more than just a bigger social circle. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses the many benefits of getting to know the people living next door. Some of the topics he covers: Helping seniors who are concerned about running errands during the pandemic Protecting each… Continue Reading Know Your Neighbors
Oct 6 2020

Recently, we provided some ways to protect yourself from identity thieves. Sometimes though, planning and vigilance are not enough. A determined criminal or third-party vulnerability can still put your data at risk.  No matter the reason, once you discover that a breach has occurred, it’s time to focus on limiting the damage and repairing your… Continue Reading How to Recover From Identity Theft

Oct 2 2020
This webinar, which features Open Mortgage’s National Retail Sales Manager for Reverse Mortgages, Patty Wills, CRMP, explores the drivers of success behind the H4P success of two lenders: what has worked in garnering H4P business, how to approach Realtors as referral partners, consulting borrowers seeking to finance a home purchase with a reverse mortgage, and… Continue Reading Reverse Mortgage Daily Webinar: Expanding the Reverse Mortgage Landscape Through HECM for Purchase
Oct 1 2020

Homebuyers face countless choices in the search for a home that fits their budget and lifestyle. While single-family homes are most often the target, they aren’t the only option. Buyers across the generational spectrum have decided that condominiums are a solution worth exploring. The price, access to urban amenities and limited maintenance offered by a… Continue Reading Considering a Condo?