Dec 29 2020
It’s never too late for a fresh start. In fact, it’s possible to support your retirement and move into a new home at the same time. In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses the financial flexibility of a HECM for Purchase mortgage. Some topics he covers: Downsizing or relocating to cut […]
Dec 22 2020
two men shaking hands
Shopping for a home can be an exciting time, but it’s important to figure out exactly what you want and what you can afford before starting that search. In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses the most critical first steps of any home search: planning and prioritizing. Some topics he covers: […]
Dec 17 2020
Couple doing carpentry
Purchasing a fixer-upper can be an exciting adventure—then again, buying a move-in ready home can be faster and easier on many new homeowners. In this video, Open Mortgage CEO and founder Scott Gordon offers tips to help make the decision easier. Some topics he covers: Rising construction costs and why an older home may offer […]
Dec 15 2020
Fiscal responsibility is the resolution that many of us make, but most fail to keep. As 2020 comes to a close, homeowners over the age of 62 can explore a flexible financial strategy to keep their New Year’s goals within reach — a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). For many seniors, a HECM, or reverse […]
Dec 8 2020
Santa walking to a house
It’s that time of year when everyone’s favorite red-suited gift-giver starts making plans for his Christmas Eve visit. Make sure your home is in tip-top shape this December with a maintenance checklist that keeps you off the naughty list.  Start at the Top If Santa’s visit to your home will be via a chimney, he’ll […]
Dec 3 2020
Searching for your dream home can be an emotional rollercoaster. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses not letting the disappointment of rejection distract you from achieving your homeownership goals>. He covers: Using rejection as an opportunity to learn more about the buying process Not rushing to buy the very next home […]
Dec 3 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic turned 2020 into a year unlike any other. As the end of the year approaches, the virus poses challenges beyond just school and work. The new question is how to safely celebrate the upcoming holiday season and maintain the family traditions that mean so much to so many.  The good news is […]
Dec 2 2020

With the impending arrival of winter, now is a great time to review your essential home maintenance checklist. This list potentially includes protecting vulnerable pipes from freezing temperatures, sealing up drafty windows and doors, and making sure your heating system is ready for another season of hard work.   It can also be an excellent time […]