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Refinance Loans

Refinancing your mortgage can provide you the opportunity to build a more secure tomorrow for you and your family. Open Mortgage offers refinance options to suit almost anyone’s needs including:

Benefits include:

  • Lower monthly mortgage payment

  • Eliminate mortgage insurance

  • Finance home improvements or remodels

Cash-out Refinance Options

A Cash-Out Refinance allows you to turn a portion of the equity in your home into cash and refinance to a lower rate all at once.

This extra cash can be used to:

  • pay off debts

  • supplement your income during uncertain times

  • Build a bigger nest egg or create an emergency fund

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*Interest rates are subject to change. Refinancing to a higher interest rate is generally not advised. Consult a Loan Originator to determine at what rate(s) you would begin to save money.

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Refinancing a mortgage can be used to support a wide range of financial costs and goals at various points of homeownership. By refinancing, eligible borrowers could:

  • reduce a loan’s term

  • Obtain a lower iterest rate

  • Tap into home equity

  • Eliminate mortgage insurance

Refinancing can provide powerful benefits, but it comes with trade-offs. Take time to research refinancing options and your financial situation before making any decisions.

Our eGuide gives you a roadmap of refinance options—from start to finish.