Mar 30, 2021
Title with image of Scott Gordon
Some of the terminology that comes up during the homebuying process can be overwhelming, especially the acronyms…there are so many acronyms. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon defines APR, ARM, DTI, FHA, and PMI to help you better understand what your lender is talking about.
Mar 25, 2021
Person with paperwork
For some, technology has made it easier (and safer during the pandemic) to buy and sell homes. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses whether iBuying might be the right route for you. Some of the topics he covers: iBuying is very convenient for sellers, but it’s likely to come at a […]
Mar 23, 2021
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If you’ve ever shopped for a home, then you know about the extra costs associated with making such a big purchase: Closing costs. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses ways to minimize these extra expenses. Some of the topics he covers: The typical amount you can expect to pay in closing […]
Mar 18, 2021
Whether you’re buying or selling a home, closing should be celebrated as the success of your efforts. Afterward, participants can focus on settling into their new home or finalizing their purchase of a replacement.  Occasionally, the closing may not go as planned, but it’s often due to a preventable error. Rather than risk a surprise […]
Mar 16, 2021
man sitting at disk writing on digital tablet
By now, the integration of new technologies into a long-established process should not surprise anyone. As more people become comfortable with digital capabilities and their security and reliability increases, so does their expansion. The mortgage industry is no exception. What once required submitting a detailed paper application can now be completed online, via a mobile […]
Mar 15, 2021
house in background
Title companies are critical to ensuring that property ownership changes hands properly. In this video, our CEO and founder Scott Gordon discusses what a title company should be doing as you grow closer to closing on a new home. Some of the topics he covers: Title companies offer title insurance to protect against ownership disputes […]
Mar 11, 2021
hand hovering over green grass
Outdoor temperatures notwithstanding, one of the best ways to prepare for spring and summer lawn care is to be sure your equipment is ready to go. Mowers often miss out on the scheduled maintenance that our vehicles receive, but you shouldn’t neglect their engines. A fresh filter, oil change, and new spark plugs are a […]
Mar 9, 2021
Staying within your budget is key to a successful home search. Owning a home comes with expenses beyond the mortgage, which means maximizing your borrowing power can leave little room to maneuver when other obligations arise. Still, buyers can end up envying some appealing listings that are just above their target price. While remaining realistic […]
Mar 3, 2021
Scott Gordon
Open Mortgage, a multi-channel mortgage lender dedicated to empowering the dream of homeownership, more than doubled volume and unit counts in 2020 compared to 2018. With total loan volume production of $1.68 billion and 7,543 units in 2020, Open Mortgage funded 1,816 reverse loans with a volume of $401 million amidst record-low interest rates and […]