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Outdoor temperatures notwithstanding, one of the best ways to prepare for spring and summer lawn care is to be sure your equipment is ready to go. Mowers often miss out on the scheduled maintenance that our vehicles receive, but you shouldn’t neglect their engines. A fresh filter, oil change, and new spark plugs are a good idea at least once a year. It may also be time to sharpen blades or add tools such as trimmers or blowers to your inventory.

Most of these tasks are simple enough for the average homeowner to handle on their own, but if you decide to hand them off to a local repair shop, it’s best to do it early to beat the rush. Similarly, the demand for repairs to, or installations of, an irrigation system are likely to ramp up, so don’t delay if it’s on your to-do list.

Weed Control

With a plan for your gear in place, it’s time to turn to the primary target. Depending on where you live, your next steps can vary. In northern states, the freezing temperatures and snow may require some lawn repair bare spots and re-seed. It’s also a good idea to consider weed prevention products to stop them before they have a chance to flourish. 

In warmer climates, weeds may already be trying to dominate your dormant lawn. Weed killers or old-fashioned weed pulling may be necessary to put a stop to it. Regardless of geography, lawn fertilizers are also an effective way to give your lawn a healthy start to the growing season.

Let it Grow

A common mistake homeowners make when caring for their yards is cutting it too short. While an aggressive cut can offer a crisp, well-maintained look, it can negatively impact the grass’s resiliency.

Instead, raise the height of your mower’s blade to give the yard a little more for error. The grass will retain water better and be more likely to crowd out invasive weeds. Just don’t let it get too long between cuts, since a dramatic shortening can be a shock that undermines your efforts.

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