Home gardening can be a great relaxing hobby, but it can also be intimidating if you’re inexperienced. Luckily, there’s a YouTube channel for that. In fact, there are quite a few YouTube channels for that. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, knowledge or instruction, these four YouTube channels are some of the best resources around when you’re looking to get your hands dirty.

  1. If Plant Abundance doesn’t inspire you to plant something edible, nothing will. Host Dan shares his tips and tricks for growing produce (and raising chickens) in your own backyard, no matter what the size is of your property, and without too many rules.
  2. Gary Pilarchik is a strong advocate for organized and organic gardening, with a purpose. If that sounds like your idea of relaxation, check out The Rusted Garden. Host Gary is a mental health therapist who focuses on wellness gardening and eating for health from your own yard. If you’re keen on the scientific and biological components of gardening both foliage and vegetables, check out his channel.
  3. This Old House is known as a saving grace for problems from the basement to the roof: with a magazine, books and a show on PBS, This Old House really is a wealth of information for any homeowner. The team behind the program has a feature called “Ask This Old House” where YouTube videos address problems and questions sent in by fans. It also offers excellent advice on water features for your garden, lawn care and tree care such as planting, fertilizing and pruning.
  4. AlboPepper focuses on vertical urban gardening and common gardening issues for those in  drought-prone areas, as well as green space issues in which condo owners might find solutions. Readying your landscape for a micro ornamental garden? Want to try rooftop gardening? The channel has a big focus on recycling, repurposing and rehabilitation plants and household items which can become part of your next garden project. If you’re curious about how to make your own self-watering container garden or want to better support your climbing vines, Albo has you covered.
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