Until recently, turning your home “green” (environmentally friendly) was considered admirable, but not practical for most households. In many cases, “green” products would cost several times the amount of normal products, making it an easy choice to build and maintain your home using standard (IE non-green) materials.

But technology improvements, growing demand, and increased awareness are helping lower green material prices. Here are three ways to help turn your home green without breaking your bank account:

Change your home exterior color

Think about the last time you wore dark-colored clothes on a hot day. As most of us have experienced, dark clothing absorbs sunlight, which makes us warmer. This also applies to houses, many of which are constructed using dark-colored exteriors that absorb sunlight and make the home warmer. By installing light-colored roofing and siding, homeowners in hot climates can help cool their homes naturally. If you live in a cold climate, installing dark-colored roofing and siding can absorb sunlight, naturally warm your house, and reduce your energy bill.

Upgrade your home insulation

You can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency (and lower your energy bills) by adding more insulation. Unless you know the type of insulation in your house and its location, you can hire a qualified home energy auditor to perform an insulation check for you. There are many different types of insulation (and different ratings) — the Department of Energy website provides great information on this investment that can pay for itself within several years.

Install energy-efficient windows

Windows add light to our homes, but they can also have a negative impact on a home’s energy efficiency. You can lower your energy costs (and improve your comfort) by installing energy-efficient windows. There are a range of energy-efficient windows that are affordable and have features ideal for a range of climates.

Turning your home green doesn’t have to make you broke

In contrast to past decades, when turning your home “green” had high costs, there are now many affordable green home options (and strategies). You’ll be happy you upgraded when you enjoy a more comfortable home with lower energy bills.

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