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Social distancing has made it difficult to work, exercise, even connect with friends and family. One thing it hasn’t affected: DIY home improvement projects. If you have the motivation, these simple fixes can save you money and the aggravation of avoidable major home repairs.

Stay Cool

Sealing drafty windows and doors is simple and could keep you from overworking your HVAC system or air conditioners. Extending an AC’s life is not all this quick fix accomplishes, though: in the summer, it could lead to surprising savings on your utility bills. Installing ceiling fans similarly keeps your home cool and takes the pressure off of your AC, so it may not need to run at full blast. 

Another way to cool your home and lower utility costs is to plant trees—outside of your home, of course. Well-placed trees can increase curb appeal (should you ever choose to sell) and will shield your home from the sun. The less your home bakes, the less your AC works.

Speaking of trees, proper landscaping protects your home’s foundation. Don’t just landscape your front yard; consider landscaping all four sides of your home. This might help prevent cracked foundations and other structural issues caused by uneven soil expansion.

Leaky Faucets and Gutters

It’s possible to prevent mold (and health) issues by repairing leaky faucets. Permanent water damage is a costly lesson to learn by not attending to simple leaks right away. Outside of your home, it’s important to ensure that your water drainage system (gutters, sewers, etc.) is working correctly. Similar to landscaping, good drainage can protect your foundation. It might also help prevent flooding issues caused by heavy rainfall.

Don’t Wait to Make Repairs

The longer you wait, the more costly home repairs will be, and the more likely you’ll need a professional to handle them. Be sure to research extensively before beginning any DIY home improvement projects. Try to avoid mistakes that require professional intervention by comparing as many tutorials as you can and ensuring you have the right tools for the job. 

Making easy DIY repairs might help you avoid having a driveway packed with repair trucks. If you’d prefer to hire professionals instead or you’d rather fully refresh your home, we at Open Mortgage are here to discuss your financing options. Exploring our website today is a great way to learn about our services and to start talking with home-financing professionals.

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