It’s the time of year when many of us look for opportunities to help out those in need. And although writing a check to your favorite non-profit or volunteering your time are both excellent ways to make a difference, a little creativity can make your home a hub for philanthropy today and throughout the year.

Discover Donations

More than likely your home is hiding a few things you forgot you even had, or just don’t need anymore. Consider taking the time to do a thorough examination of your belongings to identify items that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Your closet is an easy place to start, and whether it’s the style or size that no longer fits you, your community is sure to have multiple organizations grateful to take the clothes off your hands. Books and toys can also have a significant impact on the life of someone less fortunate, while kitchens have a reputation for hiding gadgets, long-forgotten equipment and duplicates we could easily do without.

Even our four-legged friends may benefit from items you would otherwise throw out. Check with local animal shelters to gauge their interest in supplies such as used towels and blankets, old newspapers, plastic grocery bags and even those plastic storage containers with the missing lids. You might be surprised how happy they are to hear from you.

Party For A Good Cause

If putting a social spin on your generosity sounds like fun, involving others can be as simple as throwing a good party. Gather a few like-minded friends and organize a wrapping party for a local children’s charity. Provide the supplies and offer to wrap the charity’s donated gifts, or better yet, have your guests bring their own donations and enjoy the time spent together preparing them for donation.

Baking can also be a fun option to share your efforts with friends. Spend a few hours making memories and mixing your favorite recipes, before taking the finished products to a local nursing home or homeless shelter to brighten someone’s day.  

Commissions Can Make A Difference

Home-based business opportunities abound. Whether it’s beauty products, bags, essential oils, or countless other products, there are plenty of choices out there. And while they offer the potential to supplement an income, they can also become the foundation for giving back. It’s not unheard of for representatives to donate part, or all, of their commissions from these endeavors to causes they care about passionately. The ability to make a difference may be just the motivation you need and can make selling to friends and neighbors even easier.

Happy holidays and all the best to you in 2019, from Open Mortgage!

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