Regardless of the location, a successful workspace allows you to balance productivity and efficiency with a refreshing environment that encourages motivation. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many professionals to rely on a home office that meets this goal. 

While any place you can sit with a laptop might get the job done, a dedicated area designed with your specific needs in mind is the better alternative. Carving out a functional office space may also be helpful if a home sale is in your future, as many buyers will shop with an added emphasis on this particular functionality.  

Utility over Style

A trendy home office that offers a backdrop worthy of a social media selfie or zoom-meeting envy is great, but it shouldn’t be your primary goal. Don’t let its function become the secondary priority. If possible, choose a room or area that features natural light, but doesn’t provide too many distractions. Setting up in a high-traffic area or sharing a room with the television is likely a recipe for procrastination. 

Don’t forget you’ll need easy access to electrical outlets to support your technology. Consider adding a floor or table lamp that your eyes will appreciate if you work at times when the natural light has subsided. 

Be sure you have plenty of workspace and storage for the demands of your responsibilities. A small corner desk or writing desk may look great and be a space saver, but if it doesn’t accommodate all the items you need to get the job done, it may become a hindrance.

Get Comfortable

Investing in a comfortable chair could be one of the best ways to raise your productivity. While you’ll likely have more opportunities to take a break if you’re working remotely, you don’t want back pain stalling your momentum. 

Ergonomic experts suggest keeping the top of your computer monitor at or just below eye level. Keeping your feet in contact with the floor or a stool, if necessary, will also increase your comfort level and stamina to stay put. If you have the room, adding a cozier seating area can give you an alternative for less active tasks while staying insulated from the responsibilities and distractions awaiting you in the rest of the home. 

Stay Organized

Of course, most of us understand the value of an uncluttered desk. Not only can we find what we need when we need it, but it also allows us to focus more readily on the task at hand. A wall-mounted file holder or a magazine rack can be an excellent way to keep paperwork organized and close by. 

Stocking up on your most common office supplies will avoid frustration and the possibility of an unexpected run to the store. A collection of snacks or a small fridge for cold drinks can also help maintain the separation between your home and your office. 

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