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The holiday season is an exciting time, particularly for brand new homeowners. The first winter in a recently-purchased home offers an opportunity to decorate, host, and begin long-lasting traditions.

However, a full embrace of the Christmas spirit can also get expensive. This is especially true when it’s combined with the recent rise in real estate prices, increased costs for items like furniture and home improvement supplies, and the growing expense of everyday necessities. So if you’re trying to balance the joy of a new home with the limitations of a responsible budget, here are some ideas to help make the most of your decorating dollars.

Light It Up

String lights are a tried and true way to show off your festive side during this time of year. While a few sets may be affordable, outlining your entire home, trees, and adding some complimentary yard decor will add up quickly. Besides, hanging them and storing them will likely require a significant investment of time and space.

For a more strategic and cost-effective approach, the growing popularity of holiday light projectors can cover a larger space more efficiently. Adding a colorful bulb to your existing exterior lights can also be a more affordable way to supplement your outdoor decorating plans.

Second-Hand Steals

This time of year, there is no shortage of holiday decorations at your local second-hand stores or online classifieds. Before you let an impulse buy find its way into your shopping cart, take some time to look for a real bargain.

But remember to keep in mind how well any items you find will work in your space or plans. A deeply-discounted price will still be a loss if you end up not using it or throwing it out after one year.

Year-Round Upgrades

Another approach is to consider spending your money on holiday upgrades that won’t lose their appeal right after the New Year. For example, focusing on home improvements that will support your entertaining plans rather than just adding to the atmosphere may have a higher up-front cost but feature a better return on investment.

Creating an inviting outdoor space for hosting, adding a gas fireplace, or upgrading your guest room could be the best way to get your home ready for loved ones this winter. And it will undoubtedly mean more than having the block’s best yard display.

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