Deciding what to prioritize in your home search can be a difficult task. Shoppers can sometimes be swayed by a fresh coat of paint or shiny, new appliances when less obvious features are likely to have a bigger impact on their enjoyment of the property. 

If you’re considering buying a home soon, don’t forget to consider these easy-to-overlook characteristics that might make all the difference. 


Closets, cabinets, pantry space, and laundry rooms are places in a home where more is usually better. Pay close attention to how much storage space these areas actually offer. New countertops and a pretty backsplash may look great, but you probably won’t enjoy them if there isn’t enough room for your stuff. 

Pet Friendly

A surprising number of homebuyers consider their pets’ needs when shopping for a house. It’s because the home’s features can go a long way to keeping the pet and owner happy. Hard surface floors often last longer and are easier to keep clean when animals are among the residents. You might also want to consider whether a home offers a practical spot to install a pet door to provide outdoor access. 

Fuel Source

It may seem minor, but there are several reasons to consider whether a home can support gas-powered systems or not. Those who enjoy cooking seem to favor the efficiency and precise control of a gas stove. Using gas to heat a home and its water can also cost less than electric alternatives. 


As ubiquitous as technology has become, homeowners are often still limited in their options for some services. Internet and television providers may only serve specific neighborhoods, and cell service can be spotty in some places. If internet speed or cell coverage is particularly critical for your work or daily responsibilities, don’t forget to look into the availability and functionality at any home on your shortlist. 

Future Flexibility

While none of us know exactly what the future holds, it’s best not to disregard it entirely. If there’s a chance your next home is the last one you’ll ever buy, give some thought to how it might accommodate your aging-in-place plans. Features like a downstairs master or standup shower might become more important. If children are a missing part of the equation for the moment, it can still be helpful to consider things like school zoning and additional bedrooms if you hope to avoid the sudden need for an upgrade. 

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