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This time last year, many people canceled their holiday parties and traditions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now with vaccines readily available for anyone over the age of five and CDC guidance that makes in-home gatherings a responsible option for many, hosting duties are making a dramatic return.

After such a long hiatus, make sure your home is once again ready to welcome guests of all ages for food and fun. Here are a few entertaining tips to help shake off the rust of last season’s limitations to make the most of 2021.

Stay Safe

Unfortunately, we know the benefits of the COVID vaccines don’t mean a complete end to the spread of the virus. And while vaccination rates continue to rise, some remain unprotected. So while you can likely plan your upcoming gathering without much worry, taking a few precautions is still warranted. For example, incorporating fresh air or outdoor spaces into your event will give your visitors more room to roam. You may also consider extending the time of your party and encouraging an open-house-style party that minimizes the number of simultaneous guests.

While the excitement for a return to normal is high, don’t forget to keep the more traditional dangers of holiday parties on your radar as well. Be careful not to over-serve alcohol to those planning to drive. Also, review the interior and exterior of your home to identify problems such as poor lighting or trip hazards that could cause an injury.

Encourage Conversations

Hosting a successful party means giving your guests a chance to enjoy themselves. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your current furniture configuration to make it more conducive to the multiple conversations that will be happening at the same time.

Creating defined areas where people can gather and be comfortable is preferable to making everyone fight for fewer spaces or congregate in the same place. Offering more than one station for snacks or drinks can avoid a single hub that dominates the night. In addition, stools, benches, and ottomans can dramatically increase the seating options in areas that can accommodate full-size furniture.

Enjoy Yourself

While hosting can be stressful, and you shouldn’t ignore your responsibilities, it’s essential to not take things too seriously. Instead, focus on the people rather than creating the perfect environment or meeting unrealistic expectations.

Asking a close friend or family member to serve as a co-host can help spread out the duties and offer some relief. If invitees ask how they can help or what to bring, don’t hesitate to provide them with a task. They’ll appreciate knowing that you can trust them with your plan to make the party go smoothly.

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