If you’re looking to upgrade and renovate your home, it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace eco-friendly improvements that could save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially raise the resale value of your home.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Lowering your energy costs is a plus when considering upgrades. At the top of the list are large, energy-efficient windows that minimize the home’s dependency on fossil fuels. Larger windows, especially southward-facing, can provide a natural source for lighting and heat. An important point to note is to ensure your windows, as well as doors, basement walls, and attics, all have the best insulation and sealant possible to prevent your home’s cooling and heating energy to escape.

One large expense that may still pay off over time is metal roofing. Metal, which reflects heat, allows you to cool your home with less energy. It’s also an option that could last decades while imitating materials such as stone, tile, and wood.

Outdoor Projects for Eco-Friendly Upgrades

According to LiveStream.com’s 2018 Home Improvement Trends, outdoor improvements, such as decks, patios, and landscaping are on the top of the list for the fifth year in a row.

If you live in an area where drought or water rationing is a concern, consider investing in native plants for your landscaping. Integrating rain barrels can create an efficient watering option for your plants and grass.

Decking can also be upgraded using composite decking, which is comprised of wood waste and recycled plastic. It is known for lasting longer, not warping, splintering, or rotting and also requires less maintenance.

Eco-Friendly Remodeling Indoors

Reusing and repurposing is an integral part of eco-friendly building. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity provide a wide range of materials for home improvement projects such as bathroom and kitchen remodels. Find reclaimed wood, countertops and more to use.

Eco-friendly products such as recycled paper or hemp countertops are available as well as cork flooring, made from pieces leftover at bottle-stopping factories. It is also durable, warm, and resistant to spills.

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