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Seniors have been affected by COVID-19 in more ways than one. Not only is vulnerability to the virus a concern, but it’s also possible seniors are struggling with the loneliness that can accompany extended social-distancing. Thankfully, technology can bridge the isolation gap until it’s safe for everyone to be together again. If you are a senior, don’t let a fear of technology overwhelm you. There are innovations out there that could keep you safe, healthy, and connected to the outside world.

Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

While staying socially engaged in person may not be possible, engaging with loved ones through social media accounts and mobile apps can help family members stay connected. These technologies make it easy to receive photos and videos of grandchildren in real-time, making it possible to stay involved and ease the burden of physical distance.

You might also consider buying a smart home device, such as Alexa or Google Home. These gadgets offer voice-activated tools that can connect to and operate lights, door locks, and more. There’s no point in groping in the dark for a light switch when all you need to do is say the magic words: “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

Healthcare devices can save you and your caregivers/children time and update them on your health without the need for repetitive questions. There are devices with sensors that scan for movement and can detect falls—if they do, the devices will notify a trusted contact. Sensors can be placed on pillboxes, refrigerators, microwaves, and keychains as well. These innovations are important for seniors struggling with dementia, as well as children who can’t be with them right now. 

Lastly, consider beefing up home security with smart technology. Doorbell cameras can send photos of visitors right to your cell phone, and speakers allow you to talk to visitors without having to open the door. 

An Important Note

High-speed internet in your home is key to staying in contact with family, downloading videos/photos, and operating the above-mentioned smart devices. Even if you already have an internet plan, connecting with an internet provider (or having a caregiver do it) could give you a better understanding of how many devices you can operate without draining your internet speed.

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