Are harsh winters putting a chill on your retirement plans? If snow and ice are keeping you from year-round enjoyment of your golden years, perhaps an annual change of scenery is in order.
While not for everyone, the lifestyle of a winter visitor, aka snowbirds, may be just the thing to heat up a conventional retirement. In addition to escaping the dreary winter months of your current locale, there can be other benefits to capitalize on, and funding for the decision might be simpler than you think.
Where To?
Florida has long been a favorite destination for seniors seeking warmer refuge – both part- and full-time – in a warmer climate. However, additional options can be found throughout much of the southern United States. Texas, Arizona, Nevada or even a Caribbean island could be the right fit, depending on your situation.
For those who feel committing to a single destination is too limiting, a recreational vehicle may be the better choice. Having all the amenities of a second home, but on wheels, will let you keep your options open, but still escape to sunnier states when winter is approaching.
Return On Investment
Locations that attract visitors all year long can also help offset your costs. Second homes or condos in high-demand areas can bring in added income, should you decide to rent it out in your absence. Websites like Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) are popular platforms to connect with renters, process payments and have professional support throughout the process.
To that end, you can also rent out your RV when you’re not traveling on sites like and
Whether a vacation home or an RV, you’ll still have your main residence, which could prove to be an important part of your winter travel resources.
HECM Funding
Regardless of the details, funding the decision to become a winter visitor might not be as intimidating as it seems. If you’re over 62 and have significant equity in your current home, a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is worth exploring.
A HECM can boost your current monthly income by creating regular payments over an extended period of time, let you tap into a large lump sum of cash, or simply establish a line of credit that gives you added peace of mind.
If the dropping temperatures have you dreaming of sunny skies or sandy beaches, call 888-602-6626 to speak with an Open Mortgage Loan Originator about how we can help to put Old Man Winter in the rear view mirror.

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