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More space is always a good thing. That’s why you might consider giving your home a refresh to maximize square footage and increase productivity without sacrificing coziness. Here are a few makeover tips which can be helpful even post-COVID-19 restrictions—they offer ways to create relaxed, functional spaces where you can work, entertain and live comfortably. 

Visual Tricks to Make Rooms Feel Bigger

Comfort is the main ingredient to successfully working from home, so finding ways to define spaces in your home for work, organization, and relaxation is critical. The good news: it’s easier than you might think and it doesn’t require knocking down walls.

First, take stock of your current furniture. Do any rooms feel crowded? Overloading a room with large, bulky pieces could overload your senses and decrease your productivity or ability to relax. Stick to the essentials, and consider moving excessive pieces to other rooms or kicking them to the curb.

Next, pull the furniture you do keep away from the walls and towards the center of a room. This creates an illusion of spaciousness. Open windows and blinds are other visual tricks to make rooms appear bigger, as you’ll feel more connected to the outside world. Mirrors exaggerate this effect: hang them on walls across from a window so you see outdoors in every direction you look.

Rugs might be the craftiest trick up your sleeve. They help break up rooms into smaller, defined areas. Use a rug to visually detach a home office from a nearby bed and dresser. If you have a living room and kitchen that are connected, a carefully placed rug under the couch can make the spaces feel like two distinct rooms now. 

Lastly, clutter can spell disaster when it comes to having a productive, yet cozy, home. Dirty clothes, random tchotchkes, and toys lying around are the last things you want to see— it won’t matter if you’re on a video call or watching Netflix. By introducing additional cabinets, building closet space, and making use of hidden storage (like ottomans) you can stay focused on work and recreation, not obsessively cleaning and reorganizing. 

Go Outside!

Don’t forget to utilize balconies or front, back, and side yards if you have them. Break up your day while maintaining safe social distancing practices by stepping out for a breath of fresh air. Installing fire pits or picnic areas could also be a fun way to bring family and friends together once you all feel comfortable congregating again. 

If, after all this shuffling, you still don’t have sufficient room, then low interest rates may mean it’s time to upgrade to a bigger home or start knocking down walls. We at Open Mortgage are here to discuss your home-financing options if you decide to go that route. Visiting our website is a great way to learn more about our services and to start talking with home-financing professionals.

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