How do you start your search for a new home? Browse real estate listings online? Plug some numbers into an automatic mortgage calculator to estimate your budget? Ask your friends and family to recommend a trusted real estate agent? If so, you likely have lots of company.

Once you’ve decided to dive in and start shopping for your next home, the most complicated part of the experience is likely to be the mortgage approval process. So, why not face the stress head-on by prioritizing your need for a loan officer who can minimize the frustration?

Regardless of your home preferences, your budget or your real estate agent, finding a lending expert with these three qualities can ensure your journey toward a dream home doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Patient– Applying for a mortgage and getting through the underwriting process means providing a lot of information. Lenders want a complete understanding of your financial situation, and they aren’t shy about asking for the details. Working with a loan specialist who is willing to take the time to explain what is needed, and why, will ease the anxiety that comes with an invasive look at your personal finances.  

Communicative – The last thing you want while pursuing a mortgage is to be left in the dark. There will be a lot of steps involved, all the way up to closing, and some crucial deadlines to make. In addition to finding a loan officer with a reputation for keeping clients informed, consider how you like to stay in touch. Whether it’s texts, emails, phone calls or otherwise, you’ll want to work with some who understands your communications preferences and is willing to accommodate them.

Knowledgeable – Not only is the mortgage process intense, it often comes with a ton of choices. The loan programs available to you can vary depending on where you are buying, your budget, and even your career. An ill-prepared lender could miss an opportunity to give you substantial savings. On the other hand, a committed professional who understands the options and keeps up with what’s happening in a rapidly changing industry can make all the difference.

Of course, at Open Mortgage we know these are the traits you need in a lending partner, because our loan originators want to make a positive difference in your home buying experience. Be sure that buying your next home starts and ends with a perfect match by calling 888-602-6626.

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