If you’re a homeowner (or planning on becoming one), you probably desire a quiet home. And compared to apartment buildings, standalone homes are usually quieter.
However, a quiet home is is not always the case. Whether it’s noise from nearby traffic, railroads, airplanes, or your child’s stereo, there are many ways to experience annoying noise inside your home.

Fortunately, noise can be greatly reduced by following some simple tips:
Add rugs or carpets
Footsteps can echo loudly on uncovered floors, so consider adding carpet or rugs to reduce noise. If you’re unwilling to commit to carpet, several well-placed rugs can make a noticeable difference.
Replace your doors
When it comes to reducing noise, your home’s doors probably aren’t cutting it. This is because most interior doors are hollow. Consider upgrading to solid-core doors to improve sound barriers.
Improve your windows
To make sure noise isn’t coming through window cracks you can fill any cracks or gaps with an acoustical caulk sealant. You can also upgrade to soundproofing windows.
Add insulation
Adding insulation to walls or ceilings is a great way to reduce the volume of daily living. Good candidates for additional insulation include the walls of a master suite, bathrooms, family rooms and guest room.
Install curtains
In addition to keeping sun from your home, curtains can keep noise from entering, especially if they’re made from tightly-woven fabric such as velvet or wool. To maximize sound reduction, make sure curtains cover the wall above and below your window.
Replace squeaky floors
Floors in older houses can be naturally loud and / or squeaky, and you may want to replace them.  When installing new flooring, you can reduce noise transmission with a sound-dampening underlayment.

Create a shoes-off policy
One of the easiest and affordable ways to reduce interior noise is creating a shoes-off policy. The difference between walking across floors in socks or bare feet compared to boots / shoes is substantial.
It’s possible to significantly reduce noise by following simple tips
If you’re experiencing too much noise inside your home, there are many ways to quickly reduce it. Whether it’s adding insulation or creating a no-shoes policy, you’ll be on your way to a low-noise home.

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