The season of vacations, pool parties, barbecues and sunblock is nearly here. But, summer months aren’t all sun and fun. The higher temperatures can run utility fees up to unsightly amounts. Take action now to make sure your summer is high on thrills and low on bills.
Cool Your Home The Old-Fashioned Way
Believe it or not, there was a time before air conditioning, and people from Florida to Los Angeles had to figure out ways to keep their homes cool and livable without flipping a switch.
If you live in a climate with warm days and cool nights, shut off your air conditioning and throw open your windows to let that breezy nighttime air flood your home while you sleep. You’ll wake up to a cooler house and be able to trap that temp-lowering air in the morning when you close all your windows. Window treatments are also available to keep the inside from heating up as quickly. It might not be ideal, but it can be a pretty pleasant alternative for a fraction of the cost.
Thermostats Aren’t Magic
Thermostats let you decide how cool your house should be, but lowering the temperature even more won’t make it work any faster or better. However, setting your indoor temperature a little closer to the outdoor temperature will make it work more efficiently. The smaller the difference between inside and outside, the less work your thermostat will have to do in order to achieve the level you set it to, driving your bill way down.
Be A Fan Of Ceiling Fans
An active ceiling fan in a room can allow you to raise your thermostat level by up to four degrees without any reduction in personal comfort. Just be sure to turn them off when you leave. Fans don’t cool rooms, just the people in them, thanks to a localized wind chill effect. And don’t forget about the ceiling fan’s utilitarian cousin, the ceiling vent. A quick bit of ventilation during showers or laundry cycles can quickly remove excess heat before your thermostat has to start working to compensate for it.
Keep Your Cooling System Running Right
You wouldn’t expect your car to run indefinitely without regular servicing, right? The same goes for the engine that powers your home’s cooling system. Every home’s central air system or window units need annual check-ups to make sure they’re operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.
And if summertime has you thinking about a new home, maybe with a pool or closer to the beach, Open Mortgage also has experts with solutions to that problem too. Call today for more information.

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