Some home features may seem like a dream before moving in, but when reality sets in, they could end in regret. Much like a careful home inspection can help you avoid unwanted surprises, a closer look at some in-demand amenities might reveal some decisive disadvantages.  Before you start a home search, take the time to consider whether the features live up to their initial appeal.  Swimming Pool It’s hard to beat stepping into your backyard to enjoy a refreshing dip in a cold swimming pool on a hot day. However, enjoying the water requires someone to keep it clean and chemically balanced. Paying for regular maintenance may cost more than $100 each month, plus additional costs to open and close it for the swimming season. There will also be added electricity costs to run the necessary pool equipment. Some plaster finishes may only last 10-15 years before requiring an expensive renovation. More importantly, pool owners must be diligent about protecting their family and visitors year-round.  Second Story Large families looking for privacy may see a two-story home as a solution. Just be sure you’re prepared for the countless trek up and down stairs that will become part of your daily routine. Also, be mindful of what second-floor bedrooms and bathrooms mean for aging guests and your personal mobility in the future. Open Floor Plan Spacious, flexible floor plans have been popular for a while now. However, the need for private working and learning spaces due to COVID-19 has many homeowners reconsidering the utility of that particular feature. If you still desire a home that lends itself to entertaining others, be sure it still leaves room for the workspaces your family might need at times.  Large Lot Much like a pool, an oversized lot comes with some disadvantages. Maintaining it properly comes at the expense of both time and money. Large properties tend to be valued more than their smaller counterparts, which means your property tax bill may be larger than usual. You should also pay attention to your area’s zoning regulations and its trends or master plans. A large, secluded homestead could be surrounded by commercial or residential developments sooner than you might expect.  Convenient Access Being close to it all is usually considered helpful. But there is such a thing as too close. Most homeowners, especially those with children, prefer living on streets with less traffic. And while having a short walk to parks or stores is a fantastic perk, being directly adjacent can come at the cost of unwanted noise or becoming a likelier target for thieves.  One place you definitely can’t afford to make a wrong decision is with your mortgage company. Visit or call to speak with a representative to find out why we care about our customers as much as they care about their homes.
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