The summer months are the perfect time to make sure your home offers a trouble-free respite from the heat. Thanks to the continued emphasis on avoiding crowds and the added safety of being outdoors, more homeowners are looking for ways to increase the comfort of their properties, inside and out.

The bright skies and warm weather encourage routine upkeep, while the lower-than-usual interest rates make substantial projects more affordable. Find your inspiration with our rundown of proactive maintenance, energy-efficient improvements, and backyard upgrades that could create the summer oasis of your dreams. 

Jump In By Cleaning Out

If you’re not quite ready to make a major investment in your home this summer, you’ll at least want to consider taking appropriate steps to maintain it. Fortunately, there are several areas of your home that can benefit from your attention this time of year, and it may not cost you anything other than your time. 

With spring storms behind you and Fall right around the corner, gutters are likely in need of proper cleaning. Removing leaves and other debris will make sure they continue to do their job effectively and reduce the risk of water damage from a blockage. A visual inspection will also allow you to spot problem areas before they become even more costly to fix. 

Similarly, checking the perimeter of your home for areas where pests might be able to enter, blocked weep holes in your masonry work, or troubling shifts in your foundation can also save you money in the long run. It’s also a smart time to grab a hose and drain your water heater to remove the sediment that can build up and shorten its life. 

Stay Cool

Of course, staying cool is on everyone’s wish list as temperatures rise. Small projects such as installing ceiling fans or a smart thermostat can make it simpler than ever. If cooling costs in your home are hitting your wallet too hard, explore energy efficiency improvements. Installing a radiant barrier or more insulation in your attic, replacing windows and doors, or just recaulking can increase comfort and save money.  

Go Big and Stay Home

Successful savers and homeowners eyeing interest rates hovering near historic lows can consider a more substantial undertaking. A refreshing dip in a private backyard pool is hard to beat on the hottest days of the year. It could also put an end to the complaints about summer boredom from the rest of the family. 

If being in the water isn’t your preference, expanding your patio space or adding an outdoor kitchen may be a more appealing way to raise your home’s ‘cool’ factor and lower reservations about staying home. Regardless, refinancing your current mortgage, exploring your renovation loan options, or taking advantage of a home equity line of credit might be your first step. 

Find out how the experts at Open Mortgage can help you to transform your house this summer, or put you on the path toward a new one. Browse our website or call today to speak with one of our origination specialists.

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