Retirement is around the corner, and you’re looking to update your home without blowing your budget. So, what is the solution? Consider going green when choosing to remodel and using a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), or reverse mortgage, to enjoy the best of both worlds. A HECM, an FHA-insured loan for homeowners 62 and older, allows you to stay in your home while using the equity you’ve built up to pay for the latest energy-efficient updates. Most importantly, you won’t have to move or downsize, and you’ll enjoy a market-ready home when the time does come to sell. Focusing on Efficiency is Efficient Get the most out of your HECM by making a conscious effort to go green from top to bottom of your home. Find upgrades in any price range, and let the remodeling begin.   Start small with an energy audit to identify where to direct your efforts. One easy solution is with a programmable thermostat connected to a highly efficient air conditioning system. If you want to take a more drastic step to lower your consumption, invest in solar panels installed on your roof to not only supplement your energy usage but also lower your electric bill. Costs add up in all types of ways, so a tankless water heater is a unique approach that will be a good investment. Tankless water heaters have the possibility of immediately cutting your energy bills by about 20 percent.
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