Spring has arrived, and along with it, increased storm chances in much of the US (especially the midwest and southeast).
Whether your home is in an area that gets strong spring storms, tornadoes, or high winds, preparing it for these events can help prevent damage.
Here are six things you can do to prepare your home for stormy weather:
Check your roof
High winds can loosen roof shingles and send them flying. In addition, old or damaged shingles let water seep into the wood sheathing and cause rot. If you haven’t done it recently, check the condition of your roof and repair any loose shingles.

Trim your trees
Wind and rain can break dead or loose tree branches that can damage your windows, siding and shingles. Properly maintaining your trees can help them survive spring storms as well as prevent damage to your home.
Clean your gutters and drains
Gutters and drains collect dirt, debris, seeds, and leaves that block water flow. Cleaning your gutters lets rain flow through them and directs water away from your home.
Fix drainage problems
Water from heavy rains settles in the lowest point in your yard (which can kill your grass if it remains for several days). Adding soil to raise depressed areas could help prevent this, but  installing a French drain offers the best long-term solution.
Secure outdoor patio furniture and umbrellas
During strong storms, high winds can turn your patio furniture into flying projectiles. When a storm is coming, try to move any unsecured items in your yard inside your house or garage. If you’re unable to move them indoors, use rope or bungee cord to tie them securely.
Consider installing storm shutters
Windows are vulnerable during strong storms. Consider adding storm shutters, which can add a distinctive touch to your home’s architecture while protecting your windows. There are a range of storm shutter types and styles available at most home improvement stores.
Build an emergency kit
Power outages are common during strong storms. In some instances, the power can remain out for days. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends having enough food and supplies to last three days, and provides directions on how to build an emergency kit.
Preparing your home for storms can help prevent damage
With spring weather bringing storms to many parts of the country, now’s the time to get your home ready. By following the tips in this article, you’ll have a better chance at preventing costly damage.  

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