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It’s the holiday season, and many of us are busy buying gifts for family and friends. But how much you spend on those gifts may have a negative impact on your credit score.

If you’re planning on buying a home in 2023, it’s a good financial strategy to hold off on buying expensive gifts. It’s also strongly recommended that you not open new credit accounts or make large credit card purchases within several months of applying for a mortgage. This can lower your credit score and cause you to receive a higher mortgage interest rate.

Fortunately, there is a range of excellent holiday gifts you can buy for less than $15. Here are some ideas:


Almost everyone loves candles, which are a gift that keeps on giving. Candles add excellent light to our homes (and were the primary form of indoor light before light bulbs were invented), smell great, and come in many different shapes and sizes. You can buy a range of high-quality candles on Yankeecandle.com for under $10 each.


Statistically speaking, it’s likely that either you or a family member enjoy coffee. In fact, a 2022 poll found that 66% of Americans drink coffee every day! You can buy an excellent range of highly-rated coffees for under $10 on Amazon.com. If a family member enjoys coffee, they won’t be disappointed in receiving coffee as a holiday gift. Another idea for coffee-loving family members is a mug. Cafepress.com has a range of coffee mugs that cost under $10.

Kitchen items

Most of us have family members and friends who enjoy cooking. It’s even better when we get to enjoy their delicious food creations. So consider a gift for a family member that makes their cooking easier. The website shelfcooking.com provides a long list of helpful kitchen items that cost under $10.

Novelty gifts

Have a friend or family member who is on the geeky side, or into pop culture? It doesn’t take much to entertain them with simple and fun gifts. GameStop has many gifts for under $15 that will rock their world.

Homemade cookies

Another gift that keeps on giving, it’s highly unlikely that any family member would be disappointed in receiving homemade cookies. You can find a range of homemade cookie recipes on Delish.com. Most of these are easy to make, cost under $15, and are perfect for this time of year.

Design a holiday card

Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone in their possession, it is so easy to take high-quality photos. Websites such as Simplytoimpress.com use your favorite photos on your smartphone to create personalized cards. Many of these cards cost around $15 for a batch of 20 (with fast card creation and shipping). They make a great and unique gift for your family and friends.

You don’t have to spend a lot on the holidays

There are many excellent holiday gift ideas that cost under $15, and these are just a few. In many cases, it’s the thought that counts (rather than the price) when it comes to our favorite gifts. So think carefully before spending substantial money on the holidays if you’re planning on buying a house in 2023.

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