It’s not a complicated equation. The longer a retirement, the more money it requires. But, figuring out how to deal with the reality of a retirement that could last 30 years or more is where the simplicity ends.

Fortunately, there are multiple strategies for finding solutions, and a skilled financial advisor can discuss ways to prepare for the marathon of retirement appropriately. Those conversations are likely to include the importance of flexibility and may explore a retirement tool gaining popularity for its diverse functionality.  

A Reverse Mortgage

You’ve likely heard of a reverse mortgage, but may not know the details. Beginning at age 62, homeowners can turn the equity in their homes into cash with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), also called a reverse mortgage.

For many, home equity is among their most significant assets. But despite its value, and the impact those funds could have on the longevity of a retirement plan, selling a beloved home is often not the preferred way strengthen a financial future.

Chock Full Of Choices

As more and more people are discovering, a HECM offers an opportunity to remain in a home for as long as possible, while putting the equity to work creating stability, and endurance, in retirement. Any borrowed money is repaid when the homeowners cease to live there. One of the attractions of a reverse mortgage is, of course, its flexibility.

The funds can be disbursed as a lump sum to increase and diversify a financial portfolio, or protect against spending down other assets. Consistent, monthly payments over time are also an option for those seeking some breathing room in their retirement budget. A reverse mortgage line of credit can serve as peace of mind, standing by in the event of an emergency, or providing precious recovery time for declining investments should they occur.

Start Planning Now

Regardless of the retirement strategy that makes sense for you, it’s never too early to start planning. As the average lifespan continues to increase, traditional approaches may not provide the security they once did. Savings models, insurance policies, investment strategies and even your retirement timeline should be reviewed regularly with a professional to ensure you can make the most of a well-deserved, and hopefully extended, retirement.

If a HECM, or other mortgage product, becomes a part of your retirement planning, be sure to call 888-602-6626 and speak with one of the specialists at Open Mortgage for a lending partner you can trust.

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