As we head into May, heat has arrived in many parts of the country, and summer is almost on our doorstep.
If you’re a homeowner, now’s the time to get your home ready. Here are five ways to do this:
Inspect your air conditioner
Spring is the time to make sure your air conditioner (AC) is working properly, especially if you live in a warm climate. Replace your air filter if you haven’t for several months and clean any debris from vents, exhausts, and the main unit outside. Following this, run your AC for several hours. If your AC doesn’t seem to be working properly or efficiently, schedule an appointment with a professional.
You may also want to look into investing in a smart thermostat. These can help improve your home’s energy efficiency while reducing your power bill.
Repair any air leaks
Even the best air conditioning system is wasted if your home leaks air. Make sure air drafts aren’t coming through your windows and doors. If you find drafts, you can seal them using a range of products, such as caulk.
Also check the insulation in your home attic and basement, as it can deteriorate.
Prevent bugs from invading your home
Summer weather can bring an insect onslaught. You can help prevent this by getting rid of stale food in your cabinets, removing garage clutter, sealing home entry points, and adding screens to doors and windows.
Make sure your ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise
Most ceiling fans have a switch that changes the direction it rotates. During the summer months, making sure your fan rotates counterclockwise. This forces air down into the room and creates a wind chill effect that makes the room feel cooler.
Prevent water damage
Summer is hurricane season in the southeast, while isolated extreme storms can quickly develop in other regions. It’s important to have your home ready!

In addition to ensuring your windows and doors are sealed, make sure your gutters are free from debris. You should also inspect your roof and analyze your ceilings for signs of water leakage (and call a professional if you notice leak problems).
Simple actions can prepare your home for summer
When it comes to homes, preventing damage is better (and less costly) than repairing damage. By taking these steps now, you can enjoy a comfortable home during summer and gain peace of mind.

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