While smart home technology can help homeowners improve efficiency, save money on energy bills, and see who’s at the front door, recent news reports have raised concerns about the security of high-tech security systems. These monitoring systems can be susceptible to hacking, and some users have fallen prey to the prying eyes and ears of virtual intruders.

If you’re hesitant to join the smart-home crowd, there are still plenty of low-tech solutions that can help you stay safe at home. 

Be the eyes on the street

Your neighbors can be valuable partners in your crime-prevention efforts. They can identify and report potentially suspicious people and behaviors and keep an eye out for packages while you’re away. Your community or homeowner’s associations also may come together to form a neighborhood watch or raise money to hire an off-duty constable to patrol your area. 

Choose reliable, low-tech solutions

There are plenty of tried-and-true devices that can stand in the place of those video doorbells and bluetooth baby monitors. Install motion-sensored lighting around the perimeter of your home, and try timed indoor light fixtures to give the illusion that someone is home when you’re out for the night. A simple motion-detecting home alarm or a large, barking dog can draw attention and avert a potential burglar. Peepholes and chain locks can also provide an added layer of visibility when a stranger is at the door.

Build good habits

Most burglars are looking for an easy mark. Prevention can be as simple as creating obstacles to their goal. Be aware of your surroundings. Lock the doors on your vehicle and your home every time you come and go. Don’t leave a key outside your home, even if you think it’s well-hidden. Request a hold on mail and newspaper delivery while you’re on vacation. These simple solutions and tasks can be powerful tools in keeping your home and your family safe. 

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