First impressions are important when selling a home, and the best way to make a good first impression is with curb appeal. Failing to maintain the outside of your home can turn off potential home buyers, but with a little thought and planning, you can have maximum impact on a minimum budget.
First, search through home and garden magazines, Pinterest boards or other neighborhoods for ideas. Additionally, take a look at your existing landscaping. Do you have dead plants that need to be pulled? Shrubs that need pruning? Bare spots in your lawn that need reseeding?
Step back and look at the front of your house. Do your shutters need to be replaced? Could your door use a fresh coat of paint? Do the bricks need to be power-washed? Look objectively at these details and try to see through the eyes of a potential buyer.
The Front Porch
Refresh the paint on the front door or update the color. Bright doors are in style right now, and a pop of color might be just what you need to grab the attention of a future buyer. Add a couple of potted plants in a matching color on either side of the door or down the front steps to bring it all together. Consider new house numbers or a front porch light fixture. Add a green wreath to the front door for a warm, inviting feeling, and clean the windows and any glass on the door.
The Lawn
Keep the lawn mowed and free of weeds. Edging around the sidewalk, driveway and curb will make it look professionally maintained. Fertilize in the fall, water deep but not often, and use a herbicide in warm weather. Use a broadcast spreader and a concentrate to fertilize the lawn (instead of the pricier pre-mixed stuff). You will get the fertilizer or herbicide spread out more evenly and save money doing it.
Flower Beds
Pull dead plants. Rake out leaves and debris. Plant blooming shrubs against the house. Add plants with varying heights and colors to provide an area of interest. Mulch will give your beds a fresh look, keep weeds at bay and the soil moist. Add inexpensive solar lights in the beds or a create a rock garden.
By spending just one weekend and a little cash increasing the curb appeal of your house, you can draw the interest of more potential homebuyers and get your house sold.
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