Today we’re proud to highlight Loan Originator David Hail, who was recently ranked 4th out of 1,018 loan officers for second quarter production from the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC). David, a Branch Manager from Garland, TX has been with Open Mortgage for over five years, and we’re proud to have him on our team.
What are you most proud of about your work at Open Mortgage?
I’ve been doing this for 39 years, and started in 1980. One milestone for me was finding a company that has such skilled personnel and great people. They offer the tools that allow me to help my customers, and it’s enjoyable to be able to help people.
I especially appreciate that we offer down payment assistance programs and mortgage credit certificates (MCCs). Open Mortgage offers the vehicles I need in order to help more clients become homeowners.
What surprised you the most about working for Open Mortgage?
Across the board culture in every department, cohesion and everyone willing to help one another. Over the years you start to expect issues and roadblocks, but Open Mortgage works together to make it happen.
Can you describe how working at Open Mortgage has helped you grow in your career?
I’ll stay with this company ‘til I retire or fall dead at my bed. It has inspired me. I went a lot of years without hiring loan officers because it was very stressful, but now I’m growing my team and expanding because I have the tools and resources to educate new LOs.
Describe a time you knew your work impacted a customer.
Reading responses on our referrals sent automatically after closing, getting thank you’s from customers—there’s no question we have an impact on people. We offer zero down loans and rehab loans that help people. We help people structure and put together loans to get them in homes, and we’re thankful for the opportunity. It’s very gratifying. I’m putting off retirement because I love it so much!
What do you like most about working at a company like Open Mortgage?
The greatest gift is the caring culture, a willingness to help, and great departments that make it enjoyable. I spent many years [prior] with companies that made it difficult to originate loans.
Can you describe a positive moment with a co-worker or the Open Mortgage team you’ll always remember?
I think we have the best closing department I’ve ever been involved with. I used to have to push closing through and solve every issue and deal with every aspect to help closers. But here, they are efficient and go above and beyond, from Scott Gordon our CEO, on down, it’s a culture of helpfulness. The underwriter manager is willing to listen and communicate, there’s common sense, respect and listening, in addition to a willingness to share information between branch managers.

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