The negotiations and decision-making that are integral to selling a home can be stressful. While many aspects are mostly out of your hands, staging is one strategy that may help the process go more smoothly, and more quickly. Thankfully, arranging and decorating your home to appeal to potential buyers doesn’t have to break the bank. Small, inexpensive touches can create a warm and welcoming environment that makes people feel at home.
Hire A Housekeeper
A seller has to be ready at a moment’s notice to drop everything they are doing to have their house shown. It’s hard to keep a house clean while you are living in it, but a housekeeping agency can help. Having a housekeeper come once a week will keep your time free to prepare for your upcoming move rather than worrying about the turn-off of a less-than-tidy home.
Rent A Storage Building
A critical part of staging is moving out unnecessary furniture, family photos and other items that may be detrimental to your efforts. If your recliner is beaten up and worn, consider storing it temporarily, along with any other distracting items. Children’s toys, or your favorite knick-knacks, may just look like clutter to prospective buyers and should be minimized. Home shoppers want to picture themselves in a new home. Replace family photos with simple, tasteful artwork.
Invest In Accent Pieces
Once you’ve got the largest pieces staged, you might need to bring in a few accent pieces. Easy improvements like small floral arrangements add color and freshness. A simple change like hanging a mirror can make a small room seem bigger. Most of these items can be bought cheaply at a resale shop. Even if it’s not your taste, it may be a good investment for staging your home. After the deal is done, you can always donate it back to the resale shop.
Freshen Up The Flower Beds
Curb appeal can be the difference between a buyer that wants to see the rest of the home, and one who just keeps driving. To make the flower beds in the front of your house pop, add some color and new mulch. Local greenhouses likely sell flats of flowers for less than home improvement stores, but be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal sales on mulch or other gardening needs.
With your home staged, and an offer just around the corner, consider contacting Open Mortgage about the best options to get you into your next house.

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