Home ownership can bring tremendous joy to you and your loved ones.
But it also takes hard work (and money) to protect your home from harsh weather, sun damage, and general wear and tear.
Here are some low-maintenance upgrades that reduce time fixing your home, and give you more time to enjoy it.
Metal Roofs
One of the toughest roofing materials that requires the least maintenance, metal roofing is also extremely fire-resistant. If you live in a fire-prone area, installing a metal roof can qualify you for a discount in  homeowner’s insurances.
Advances in technology have increased the lifespan (and warranty) of most metal roofs to greater than 40 years. And and while metal roofs cost two to three times more than asphalt shingles, you’ll appreciate not having to repair your roof nearly as often.
Laminate Floors
Simple to install, moderately priced, and requiring minimal maintenance, laminate floors have a clear plastic layer that resists moisture, stains and scratches.
Warranties on most laminate floors rage from 15 to 50 years, and you’ll have little maintenance other than  vacuuming or sweeping
Fiberglass Windows
A relatively new addition to the home marketplace, fiberglass windows are moisture  and heat resistant. They offer good insulation and repairs are almost nonexistent.
Quartz Counters
Durable, scratch-resistant, and antimicrobial, quartz countertops look fantastic and are nearly impossible to stain. Most quartz counters have a 10-year (or greater) warranty, and some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee.
Composite Decks
Today’s composite decks are excellent at mimicking a variety of real woods, and won’t chip, splinter or fade. You won’t have to spend time performing the refinishing required in wood decks, and your composite deck will be impervious to insect attacks.
Most composite decks come with a 25-year warranty.
These home upgrades can save time, money and peace of mind
Some of these upgrades have greater upfront cost than more traditional materials, but you’ll actually save money over time because of their greatly improved durability.
And most importantly, you’ll save time and stress with reduced maintenance costs.

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