Grandchildren are one of life’s great joys. However, keeping them entertained during extended summer visits can be a challenge. Whether you need to satisfy the boundless energy and curiosity of a preschooler or capture the imagination of a tween who thinks they’ve seen everything, planning ahead can be the key to memories everyone will cherish.
Explore The Community
To start, don’t overlook the activities happening each day in your community. Your local library will more than likely have a variety of unique activities for kiddos throughout the summer. Likewise, there may be summer festivals, camps, tours or exciting museum programs that you can enjoy together.
Back at home after a busy day out on the town, pass on the secret recipe for your signature dessert or show off your technique for the perfect s’more while enjoying a cool summer night by the fire.
Indoor Excitement
If the summer temperatures in your town make outdoor activities less than bearable, consider an air-conditioned approach to quality time.
Strategically-placed plush animals and a bit of imagination can create an indoor safari adventure that younger grandchildren won’t soon forget. Similarly, even older kids can appreciate the fun of a well-organized scavenger hunt that leads to favorite treat or special gift.
Even a simple indoor picnic, complete with blanket and a packed basket, will add some wonderment to mealtime and can get the little ones happily involved in the preparations. And if boredom does break out during a visit, consider having a game from your childhood—marbles or jacks for example—standing by to pass down to a new generation.
Bring Your History to Life
And speaking of the past, your secret weapon to a successful stay at ‘Camp Grandparents’ may be your own history. Exploring photos from your younger years, particularly any embarrassing images of their parents, can be a delightful way to entertain your grandchildren and re-trace family traditions.
If playing dress-up is one of the grandkids’ favorite pastimes, your jewelry box could be a very special way of indulging them, don’t forget to share the stories behind your favorite pieces along the way. Of course, spending time together is the most crucial part of the visit, so any plan that keeps you interacting with your grandkids will no doubt be a winning idea.
Open Mortgage wishes you, and your family, a fabulous summer!

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